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Emily Haymond:
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My Shaklee Story


Hello wonderful people!  My name is Emily Haymond.  I am from the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!  Once I graduated college with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, I moved in with my Aunt Marsha (Shaklee Distributor) and Uncle Joe in Virginia.  There is where I got to learn how fantastic Shaklee products and Shaklee members are!  I had no idea how much Shaklee had to offer with their products.  I have tried the delicious Shaklee shakes a few times when Aunt Marsha began her life changing journey through Shaklee.  The all natural products range from a clean home, clean skin and clean body.  I knew then I wanted to be a part of this fantastic company!

As I became an independent woman, I purchased the facial cleansers and the Shaklee 180 Kit.  Now a fire had been lit!  I wanted to get everything Shaklee!  But before becoming a distributor I wanted to try out as much of the products I could and research, research, research, just to guarantee that I will be promoting a valid and true company... Practice what I preach.  Shaklee is the best natural company!

Over the next few years, like all of you, I had my ups and down.  I moved back to West Virginia, fell in love, purchased a home, and got married to my imperfectly perfect man!  Now that we are settled in our home and our careers I knew it was time to kick off my Shaklee career.  Calling Aunt Marsha!!!